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Goshi Yamaguchi is the son of Gogen Yamaguchi and is the IKGA's Saiko Shihan

Saiko Shihan Goshi Yamaguchi Hanshi 8th Dan. Grandmaster and President of Goju Kai Karate Do ~ IKGA International Karate do Goju Kai and All Japan Karate do Goju Kai.


Goshi (Hirofumi) Yamaguchi was born in Shinjing, Manchuria on September 28, 1942 as the third son of Kaiso (the Founder) Gogen Yamaguchi. In 1951, at the age of eight, he began practicing Karate-Do at Senzoku Dojo in Asakusa. He was promoted to Shodan (first level black belt) in 1957 and to Nidan (second level black belt) in 1959. In 1962 he became a Sandan (third level black belt) and an instructor. He entered Nihon University in 1963, majoring in cinema studies in the Department of Arts. While he was a student, he had an opportunity to teach karate-do at an American branch dojo in San Francisco for a year with his brother Kishio Gosen.This Dojo was taken over by another of his older brothers, Norimi Gosei, in 1967.


After he came back to Japan, he taught in various Goju-ryu dojo. He graduated from University in 1969 , when he became a full time Shihan (Master) in the Honbu dojo with a view to promote and develop Goju-ryu Karate-do ;It was within one year of his graduation that the 22 year old Goju Kai instructor from Sydney -Paul Starling had commenced training under Goshi Shihan and his father Gogen Yamaguchi Hanshi at the Honbu Dojo and the Nihon Karate do Senmon Gakko. Goshi Yamaguchi Hanshi has visited and taught in more than 60 countries throughout the world as the World President and Chief Instructor of Goju Kai and the IKGA, as well as the All Japan Karate-do Federation, the Tokyo Karate Federation, and as an international WKF referee. In 1990 he was appointed as President of All Japan Karate-Do Gojukai Association, International Karate-Do Gojukai Association, and designated as Saiko Shihan (Grand Master) for the two associations.


Paul Starling Shihan



Goju Kai Sydney Goju Kan was founded in 1970 by World IKGA Vice President Paul Starling Shihan Kyoshi who has remained a loyal and devoted member of Goju Kai Karate do Australia for 46 years: he was the first graduate in 1973 as Shihan Renshi from Gogen Yamaguchi Sensei's prestigious Nihon Karate do Senmon Gakko, and the only Australian Shihan to Graduate.


Paul Starling commenced training in the Gogen Yamaguchi school of Goju Kai Karate do as a teenager 46 years ago in the early 1960's, with the founder of Goju Kai in Australia; Merv Oakley Sensei. At that time there were very few Karate Instructors qualified to teach in Australia, and only a handful were legitimately graded to any black belt level of proficiency. Oakley Sensei was a pioneer of Australian Karate, and had travelled to the Hombu Dojo in Japan to train with Gogen Yamaguchi Hanshi for extended periods.


Paul had trained in Judo from a very young age with a very distinguished teacher; Sensei Ron Cox, and for many years continued training in Judo and Goju Kai Karate do concurrently on a daily basis He travelled enormous distances from his home via public transport in order to achieve his desires to train with the very best teachers in Sydney.


After graduating from Barker College in Waitara Sydney with his Leaving Certificate (equiv. Higher School Certificate), he commenced a career with Unilever Australia and also the Australian Army CMF, due to the influence of his father. Lieutenant Colonel Noel George Reid Starling who worked tirelessly in order to promote Sydney Goju Kan using his extensive marketing skills. A  career Army man, he was said to have been the longest serving soldier in the Australian Regular Army when he passed away in 1999. (Lieutenant Colonel Starling, born in 1913 had added a number of years to his birth date in order to sign on as a soldier in approx 1926.)


It was as an Army Officer that Paul also honed his skills at leadership and the self discipline that helped him build Sydney Goju Kan and the Macquarie University Karate Club into successful traditional Japanese Dojo.


Paul went on to represent Australia at the WUKO /World Karate Federation's very First World Karate Do Championship in Japan in 1970,and also again at the second World Championship in Paris in 1972.


Paul Starling was also:


. Founder member of the Australian Karate Federation.

. Founder member -The Kokusai Karate do Shihan Kai.

. Founder member -The New South Wales Karate Federation.

. Founder- the Macquarie University Karate Club.(196

. Karate Instructor of the Year (Blitz)

. Chancellor's Lifetime Achievement Award- Macquarie University

. First Shihan graduate of Gogen Yamaguchi Kaiso' Nihon Karate do Senmon Gakko & only Australian to graduate as Shihan (Master Teacher).

. Vice President International Karate do Goju Kai Association IKGA  since 1990

. Director of Oceania IKGA 1990- 2004

. Australian Branch Chief IKGA 1989- 2004

. Former New South Wales Branch Chief IKGA 1972 -2004

. Paul has also represented Australia as an International official at WUKO World Karate do  Championships and the Australian Karate Federation.


. Current IKGA Qualifications - Paul was awarded KYOSHI License in 1989 by Saiko Shihan Yamaguchi, 7th Dan in 1995 in Tokyo Japan and 8th Dan in 2014. He was awarded HANSHI License in 2018. Paul was also graded to 5th Dan in the Ryukyu Kobujitsu Hozon Shinko Kai in 1988 by Grandmaster Motokatsu (Gansho) Inoue in Shimizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. 

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