At CCGK we teach Traditional Goju Ryu ('Hard-Soft' Style) - one of the oldest and most popular forms of Karate originating from Okinawa and mainland Japan. 

We are part of the INTERNATIONAL KARATE-DO GOJU-KAI ASSOCIATION (IKGA) which first opened Dojos in Australia over 50 years ago. We have direct lineage to the founding Yamaguchi family through our Australian-based Shihan, including Paul Starling Hanshi; Brian Mackie Hanshi and other senior Sensei including Rick Burton. We are also affiliated to GOJU KAI KARATE DO SYDNEY INCORPORATED. (see websites - here).


Our two fabulous Dojos (Training Halls) are in Kincumber and Wamberal which first opened its doors over 30 years ago. We have 5 affiliated Dojos in Sydney and many more throughout Australia and the rest of the World.


People learn Martial Arts for many reasons: some as a job requirement; others learn for self-defence and to be better equipped to deal with what life throws at them; some people study the Martial Arts for cultural reasons such as understanding the Japanese traditions and philosophies, or for the preservation of an ancient fighting system such as Karate 'Empty Hand'. Whatever the reason, training at CCGK brings many other benefits including:


          . Fitness, Flexibility, Strength, Speed and Power
          . Toning up and weight loss

          . Fun... Karate is the most fun you can have on two legs!
          . Discipline 
          . Tactical awareness
          . Improved memory and mental agility
          . Stress relief after a hard days work or study
          . Making new friends (many Karateka become life-long friends), there are also opportunities to train and make friends overseas
          . Effective 'Self Defence' taught in a safe and controlled environment with semi contact techniques


CCGK can help you achieve your goals whether you are a total beginner or have trained in Martial Arts before and would like to try again.


We cater for students from the age of 13 including, teenagers and adults. We also welcome families who would like to train together. 


For more information send us a message, call us or pop into one of our Dojos on training night and just give it a go! (check out our class schedules and our 'First Lesson Free' special offer) - you will be pleased that you did. Our Sensei are dedicated to teaching quality Martial Arts and will tailor their classes to suit the individual needs of each student. You will find our rates extremely cheap with the added bonus of "NO CONTRACTS" :-)


Bring a friend along - the presence of a familiar face is always reassuring and will help you settle in - also tell them about our 'First Lesson Free' offer.


Collectively, our Central Coast Sensei have over 50 years experience in the Martial Arts. They are very passionate about Karate and teach to a very high standard. Come to one of our sessions and see for yourself.

Roy Meadow Sensei - 2nd Dan

Roy Meadow Sensei began training in the UK at the Southport Miyagi Karate School in 1978 and was graded 2nd Dan in 1983 in what was an early mixture of Okinawan and Japanese Goju Ryu. 


After emigrating to Australia in 1998 and an absence from Martial Arts due to work and family commitments he commenced his Goju-Kai Karate training at the Wamberal Dojo in 2010 under Mark Burton 6th Dan Renshi Shihan (previous NSW Chief Instructor) and was graded 1st Dan Goju-Kai in 2013. It was soon after this that he founded 'Kincumber Goju Karate School'. He was subsequently promoted to Nidan-Ho in September 2018 and Full Nidan in October 2020. 

Roy Sensei also studies in the art of Ryukyu Kobujutsu Hozon Shinko Kai (Okinawan Weapons) and enjoys teaching Hojo Undo (Supplementary Exercises) such as Chi-Ishi to his regular students and is probably the only teacher in the Central Coast to do so (click here for free copy of his Chi-Ishi Training ebook - enjoy!).


His other accreditations also include, Working with Children Check, Senior First Aid Certificate; NCAS Government-recognised Instructor [National Coaching Accreditation Scheme]; COVID Safe Martial Arts Instructor

Andy Varga Sensei - 3rd Dan

Andy Varga Sensei (3rd Dan Goju-Kai) started training in Martial Arts in his early teens studying Jujitsu before joining Goju Kai Karate in the late 80's. 


Originally from the NSW South Coast Dojos of Bombala, Bega and Merimbula, Andy Sensei now teaches at several of the Sydney Dojos and at the Wamberal (Central Coast) Dojo. He is also the current Central Coast Head Instructor. 


Andy Sensei also studies the art of Ryukyu Kobujutsu Hozon Shinko Kai (Okinawan Weapons) in which he is graded 1st Dan. 


His other accreditations include, Working with Children Check, Senior First Aid Certificate and is an NCAS Government-recognised Instructor [National Coaching Accreditation Scheme]; COVID Safe Martial Arts Instructor



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